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Re: Travis Recorded Two New Songs Posted by: Mullaney on: 2011-09-08 21:15:35
Thanks for all of the updates, IPR. I'd love to hear Travis' new songs.
Re: Travis Recorded Two New Songs Posted by: IPR on: 2011-08-22 20:43:46
@Gimpy - all TBD, but these are two kick-ass rock songs that we feel were hit "out of the park" (as was quoted by 1 of about 5 people who have heard them). Hoping for an October release.
Re: Travis Recorded Two New Songs Posted by: Gimpy on: 2011-08-14 22:07:48
Are they Travis solo songs or Lettuce Olive (full band) ones? Will a full album be forthcoming or only a single? Tour plans?
Travis Recorded Two New Songs Posted by: IPR on: 2011-08-13 21:55:30
(Shameless plug - from the new IPR iPhone APP):

08.13.11    Travis Tooke Records New Music!
Travis was in Asbury Park, NJ with producer Jeff Plate, recording two new songs. I cannot tell you how excited we are about the new "single." We used many positive expletives when we heard the final song. Still working on a release date - which will be some time after we figure out how to spell the song title! It will be worth the wait!

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