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Re: help Posted by: Scott Giacomelli on: 2007-12-19 15:48:17
Hey, since you and I have the same name, I have deemed you cool enough to have the secret of tablature revealed to you through this oracle/message board.

Take a look at the Tabs for "Kill the Birds". You will notice that it shows you where to put your fingers to make each chord. Tabs are picture-based: the lines are the strings and the numbers are the fret you push the string down at.

tabs are written so that the high string is at the top and the low string is on the bottom.

some chords are easier to change between than others.

For Squirrels songs are fairly easy to learn because they are typically 4 or 5 chords at most.

If you want other easy songs to play, try Neil Young (Harvest album), Bob Dylan, or Nirvana.

for further discussion, please feel free to email me at

you might be interested to know that Travis' new songs are pretty straight-forward chord progressions and compostions, and one of the waltzes on the new record sounds like it is similar to a baypath road song.
help Posted by: scott on: 2007-12-18 20:05:27
k i really suck at guitar and im tryin to understand tabs can anyone help me ... want to lear how to play for squirrels

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