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Lettuce Olive debuts in Athens, GA 2/29 Posted by: Indigo Planet Records on: 2008-02-19 00:04:00 (post a reply)
As someone already posted below, Travis' new band will make their first live appearance under the name Lettuce Olive Friday night, 2/29 @ the Go Bar in Athens, GA. We hope anyone who is in the vicinity will be there to support him. He is very excited about this project, and we hope to have some live video footage of the band performing soon.
Re: Lettuce Olive debuts in Athens, GA 2/29 Posted by: RSS76 on: 2008-02-19 06:12:11 (post a reply)
Will the band be playing tracks off of Travis' Artichoke album or different material?

Either way, I'm there...Haven't seen Travis live in 10 years and can't wait to see the show.

And, PLEASE try and get the live stuff up :)
Re: Lettuce Olive debuts in Athens, GA 2/29 Posted by: Indigo Planet Records on: 2008-02-19 22:55:20 (post a reply)
I would expect a mix. Some Artichoke material, some new stuff, a cover and maybe a surprise or two.

We also just added a Gainesville gig on 3.8.08.

And we're working on the live video, promise.
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