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For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Glenn Case on: 2008-09-08 04:04:10 (post a reply)
A friend of mine recently discovered that he has cancer. This is the same friend that turned me on to the music of For Squirrels. He called them his 'favorite band that no one has heard of'. It's unbelievably tragic that this band didn't reach a bigger fan base, and I soon came to realize that it's because they didn't get much of a chance before the accident happened. 13 years ago today, to be exact.

Well, I've been secretly organizing a tribute to both For Squirrels and that friend. Today marks the beginning of the tribute, and it can be found here:

Travis Tooke knows about the project, and has given it his blessing.

New cover songs will be uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until all 20 songs from Baypath Rd and Example are represented. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy some of what you hear.


Glenn Case

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Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Josh on: 2008-09-08 08:48:52 (post a reply)
This looks like it's going to be awesome!

Thanks Glenn!
Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Dreamweaver's Kid on: 2008-09-08 22:08:39 (post a reply)
I just got through reading your post and I have to say that I am sadened by your friend's situation but moved by your actions to tribute him and For Squirrels. Though I know that no one will be able to recreate the energy and emotion the orignal For Squirrels revealed through their music, I look forward to hearing those who come to pay tribute to these amazing men and your friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend and his family.I wish you success in your new project and thank all those in advance for their participation.

All the Best
God Bless
Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Glenn Case on: 2008-09-10 00:23:29 (post a reply)
Thank you for the positive feedback. I was hoping that releasing the first song on the 13th anniversary of the tragedy would not come across as tacky. It's the same way that it seems strange to think about John Lennon more on the anniversary of his death, rather than his birthday. Make no mistake, we're aiming to celebrate their life, and their music, and I'm glad that came across okay.

The second cover is now online. It's a rendition of "Kill the Birds" recorded by a Portland, Oregon band called "Delightful Young Man".


Glenn Case

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Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: RSS76 on: 2008-09-10 19:46:25 (post a reply)
Are these songs capable of being downloaded or can they only be streamed?
Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Glenn Case on: 2008-09-12 00:20:34 (post a reply)
At this point you can only stream them on the website, but that will eventually change one way or the other. There is talk of going through the steps to legitimately release these covers as a collection for sale with all proceeds going towards a charity to benefit cancer research.

In the meantime, The third cover is uploaded. Temple Scene did their interpretation of Eskimo Sandune


Glenn Case

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Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Glenn Case on: 2008-09-15 18:27:51 (post a reply)
Cover number four is online.

Jarrod of 'Admiral Twin' tackled 'Orangeworker'


Glenn Case

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Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Glenn Case on: 2008-09-17 14:09:14 (post a reply)
Next one up is "Unicycle". I provided the vocals, and Alex Gloworld did everything else.


Glenn Case

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Re: For Squirrels tribute Posted by: Glenn Case on: 2008-09-21 23:49:48 (post a reply)
Frankie Big Face's take on "Kabaret" was uploaded on Friday, and I am moments away from uploading Jim Tyrrell's cover of Nathaniel's Song.


Glenn Case

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CzgcQoCPgOmxnjlknoz Posted by: Hessy on: 2011-05-14 00:25:34 (post a reply)
Great common sense here. Wish I’d thuhogt of that.

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OPjocHUzxOzkZt Posted by: Kevrell on: 2011-05-15 11:52:17 (post a reply)
What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thnkas for posting!

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