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Early Demos download Posted by: anonymous on: 2007-11-22 12:15:11 (post a reply)

DISC #1/1 (19:24)
01) Go On Up
02) Flagboy
03) Cliche' Song
04) Death of a Salesman
05) Pre-Skool Daze
06) The Incan

Encoded from WAV using the lossless FLAC encoder ( Not mp3 = better quality.

Don't know if this is what Mr. Mooney inteded to post but nevertheless some cool and rare stuff. Now comment, bitches! ;-)
Re: Early Demos download Posted by: suomynona on: 2007-11-24 12:16:48 (post a reply)
downloading now. thank you.
Re: Early Demos download Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-11-28 17:42:50 (post a reply)
Just a heads up, action has been taken to remove this link (again, not by me) so you should download them asap. Hope those of you who have gotten to hear them enjoyed them as much as I did hearing them being recorded.

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Re: Early Demos download Posted by: John on: 2007-11-29 15:09:17 (post a reply)
If the action to remove the songs was not taken by you, then who did it?? I seriously doubt that Travis or Jack would have any problems with the fans hearing those demos.
Re: Early Demos download Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-11-30 05:15:27 (post a reply)
Well, if anyone besides SpamBoy had asked me why the Tribute songs were only going to be offered for a limited time, everyone could have known that I co-own the copyright to the tribute and the early demos with a partner (with whom I no longer get along and who was brought on board when I was trying to make the tribute a CD venture). He is a money guy and I am not. I am trying to buy back his share but he is not the most reasonable person. That's the reason. I tried to give people a heads up.

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Re: Early Demos download Posted by: ? on: 2007-12-10 20:12:23 (post a reply)
i dont understand. how can anyone own a copyright to a tribute to someone else's songs? who gave permission in the first place to record the covers? Travis? or the manager/ management record company at the time? who owns the copyright to the original songs? Certainly the artists who wrote the songs are the only one's who "own" the music.
what is the concept of ownership, anyway, when it comes to art and music?

it seriously saddens me that the covers are not available in the download section.

people stand at common grounds and taped all the shows that are posted here, but you dont here anyone claiming ownership of the copyrights to the live recording.

it is getting a little ridiculous.

the focus has shifted from the music, to people who are not creative artists, or who help produce, record, mix, master, to people who are in promo, business, and advertising.

honestly the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially since a certain someone keeps posting about himself and how he was there back in the day.

well, i was sitting at the bar during Travis's set last friday night, and i was happy to hear no mention of this forum, or about any postings. it's as if he's not aware of this board, and that is refreshing, because it means he has been hard at work in his own creative process, and not worry about people who are trying to make money or credit for his past.

i did not get to hear the covers, but if they are any good, i want to see them posted here.

as for Travis' new cd, he wrote the songs all himself, (except a co-write credit) and played all the instruments, except on one track where he had his friends play additional accompaniments

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Re: Early Demos download Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-12-10 23:27:13 (post a reply)
While I agree in general with a lot of what was said by the (notice) "anonymous" poster (and I am assuming he was referring to me as the person who was there "back in the day") but would like to clear a few things up as I don't feel like I should be treated as the "bad guy" here.

A compilation of tracks can indeed be copyrighted as a work as a whole. Also, the artists do indeed "own" their own recordings of said covers but not the publishing as that remains with the publishing company and/or songwriters. (Which was to an extent one of the obstacles to actually putting out a CD where the proceeds would go to charity.) You do not need "permission" to cover a song as long as you do not change lyrics for the most part (look at all the tributes on Cleopatra Records... some are so bad I would think the original artists would NEVER have given permission LOL) And I encourage all the artists who covered a track to allow anyone and everyone to hear their versions... as I am doing by email still. I thought all the covers were great or they would not have ended up on the final track listing... so once again, thanks to all the artists who contributed so long ago.

After I removed the tracks for public download (which only began because, yes, my feelings were hurt by one snarky person who thought my wanting comments was ridiculous... I disagreed), I have received what I wanted in the first place: a group of fans sharing their experiences and comments about the covers and the band in general. (As a matter of fact, I have emailed more tracks to people than downloaded the tracks originally.) It has really made me happy and slightly melancholy... I was hoping that if people would have done the same thing in a public forum it could have made others happy as well.

I do appreciate all the people who have said great things about For Squirrels (and my efforts to finally trying to let people hear the covers after unsuccessfully trying to put out a CD)... and I will continue to note that I am proud to have known them "back in the day" and that I could, even in my small way, have been a part of what was and will always be For Squirrels.

Also, while I was never a huge Subrosa fan, I do like Travis' new CD and wish him every success.

Sorry, Josh, for the long and rambling post. Hope all is well with you.


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Re: Early Demos download Posted by: Evan on: 2007-12-11 13:34:16 (post a reply)
to all,

first, i am not that douchebag troll that lurked, pestering you. i just dont want to post my name. although i thought the "moose" was articulate at some points, clearly he was just enflaming you for kicks.

though i don't consider you a "bad guy", i don't feel that you have answered my questions pertaining to copyrights. you mentioned "as a whole' so, not the individual songs?

who is this partner of yours who wants to make money off of other people recording someone else's music? you see how this person is now 3 places removed from the process of the writing and creating of the songs?

you should "out" this person if you are concerned with your image, because, re-reading all the posts, you've had to do a bit of explaining and defending. you should defer and deflect all inquiries to this partner, so he can explain his motivations for making money off of charity.

exactly was "legal" "rights" does one have in this instance, to music one neither wrote, created, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, or produced?
it sounds like business and marketing agendas, and manager's money-making schemes, not artists' ambitions.

also, who financed the recordings? who paid for the studio time?

what charity was this all supposed to go to in the first place? can i send money to that charity directly?

and, finally, if you are so concerned with "helping to spread the word" about For Squirrels, Subrosa, the rubber band, Artichoke, and Travis Tooke, please contact Dave at Indigo Planet Records and see what you can contribute.


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Re: Early Demos download Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-12-11 18:51:34 (post a reply)
When I talked about "copyrights", every compilation can be "copyrighted" in that no one else can put out the exact same tracks under a different title etc. If you look at the credits of (I think) all compilations/soundtracks etc. you will see "This Compilation copyright whatever date."

Second, no one except the charity was going to make a dime off the compilation, in fact, we lost money in that we paid for artwork, remixing and equalizing tracks, retaining a lawyer to deal with the legalities of putting together a charity disc etc. As for the charity, back when I started the project it was going to be AMFAR. Because (of my naivete possibly about actually getting something like this off the ground) the project never came to pass, the actual point of which charity to choose faded.

And finally, for now, I have and will continue to spread the For Squirrels word.

Happy holidays everyone!


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