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(Version 2)
Song: Van Gogh
Album: Relaxing The Undertow (Comp.)
Music by: For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Josh J

Standard Tuning -E-A-D-G-B-E-

Chords used in this song:
 Em D/F# F   G   Am  Bm  C  D(add9)
-0- -x- -1- -3- -0- -2- -0- -0-
-0- -3- -1- -3- -1- -3- -1- -3-
-0- -2- -2- -0- -2- -4- -0- -2-
-2- -0- -3- -x- -2- -4- -2- -0-
-2- -x- -3- -2- -0- -2- -3- -x-
-0- -2- -1- -3- -x- -x- -x- -x-

This is probably wrong, but it's a start.  Maybe it'll be enough
to get you started.  If you figure out the rest, please email me.

Here we are, 
I'm breaking up. 
C                  Am
Steal the breath before me now. 
C  BmAmD/F#G  Em            Em       G
Daylight comes to those who wait for sun. 

Am            C           D(add9)       Em
Falling down, getting up, coming round, and watch my back.
           C             G            Em 
You're the only one, who noticed me before, 

Em        F
I used to be alone.
C                   Am         C Bm
Get up, get up, get up and shine.
   Am      D/F#
Oh shine, oh shine. 
G       Em            Em
Tonight, like your eyes.
G      Am      C     
Like a lover's coffee cup. 
Answer me, 
     Em         C
it's all I ever wanted.
    G                Em                 G 
and rejected for and tossed aside for a later day. 

Em              F
Roll over, roll over, roll over,
     C                Am 
roll over and kiss me gently.
        C       Bm      Am     D/F# 
Kiss me gently, kiss me gently. 

  G              Em     G
I hear the voices again tonight.
       G                          C 
I will sleep inside your mouth tonight.

Version 2 Top ====================================

Song: Van Gogh
Album: Relaxing the Undertow (Comp.)
Music by: For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Joe Klug

Verse   //: C    F    Fm    C   C    G/B      Am      D     G   
Am     Em
   G     G ://

Chorus  //: Am   F    G    E    F     C    Dm    G

and it ends on a C

well that's it! hope it helps

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