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Re: Travis Tooke News Posted by: Dave Kosciolek on: 2007-07-31 20:52:10
We will have an official announcement, and press release, any day. We can't wait!
Re: Travis Tooke News Posted by: Trey on: 2007-07-26 18:17:22
Any more news? I can't wait to hear it. Bring it on Travis!!!

What's up Scott? I used to come into Y&T all the time back in the day. Never naked though. You had a great store.
Re: Travis Tooke (For Max/Scott) Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-07-07 02:40:21
HEY!!! Yes, that would be me :)
How are you?!? What are you up to?
I am in Bangkok right now teaching and DJing...
finally posting the tribute songs on my blog...
Up-to-date me LOL
Re: Travis Tooke (For Max/Scott) Posted by: MarthaLT on: 2007-07-06 21:21:11
Found this post while looking for "For Squirrels" info. Scott from Y&T? Would you be the same Scott that opened the Gainesville store and once did some housesitting for Brett and I?
Re: Travis Tooke News Posted by: carlos on: 2007-07-06 13:29:09
do you know if he ever recorded any of the artichoke material? and does anyone have a copy of the last Full subrosa record that was never released? ive got the version that has like 6-7 songs on it, but apparently there's one floating around thats full-length? if someone has that, id love to get a copy of that....
Re: Travis Tooke News Posted by: carlos on: 2007-07-05 17:59:26
SWEET!!!......ive been dying to hear some of his new stuff
Re: Travis Tooke News Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-07-04 21:27:59
Will add you but tell Travis that Scott (Max) from Y&T would love to hear from him.
Travis Tooke News Posted by: Dave Kosciolek on: 2007-07-04 16:36:43
Hi Everyone - Within the next couple of weeks, we expect to make a formal announcement about the pending release of Travis Tooke's first solo CD. We are very excited about this project, and will release details very soon.

Until then, if you are on MySpace, please feel free to add us as a "friend." We'll announce things there first, and you can reach us there as well. />

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