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Re: kaberet chords Posted by: scott giacomelli on: 2008-01-28 12:41:34
i figured i would give this a shot: i don't have a guitar in front of me, so here goes.
this is a simplified chord version. instead of picking the individual notes, i approximated the chords sound going by the vocals and bass notes, too.

strum along and see if this works.
and please, someone make corrections to this so we can all learn.
i play this in standard tuning.
chord explanation:
first i play the barred F chord, then i move my pinky down to the third fret of the e string to hit that note at the end where he sings (overseas) and (architexture)...

[C] the leaves......water[F/G]....

[G]Every tread...[F]soul...
[G]Every tread...[F]me...

[C] I've seen it all before [Am]Concrete
[F]Ask me if I care [G]Follow you

[C]Kabaret [G]Kabaret [C]Kabaret [G]Kabaret
[D]Kabaret [A]Kabaret [C]Kabaret [G]Kabaret
kaberet chords Posted by: scott on: 2008-01-22 19:14:18
Does anyone know the chords to kaberet

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