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Re: REUNION SHOW Posted by: IPR on: 2013-08-05 02:08:45
We're disappointed we haven't presented a show in some time also. So is Travis. We are working hard toward a Helixglow show this year. I know it might seem like we (Travis and his team) neglect, or forget, or don't care but that is not the case. At all. Not sure we ever promise, but we do try hard, and we are working to make it happen. Please keep supporting Travis, and understand that we want this as much or more than the great fans and friends who have supported Travis and For Squirrels/Subrosa all these years. It's just not as easy (sometimes) as typing it. You can always reach me via the Indigo Planet Records website if anyone ever wants to discuss further. Thanks. - Dave
Re: REUNION SHOW Posted by: m on: 2013-01-20 22:26:23
yeah, i know I'd love some sort of get-together of sorts..hell even if the original Subrosa lineup would do a show every now and then...why doesn't this happen? Everybody still lives in Florida as far as I know. But yeah, seriously wish Travis would do something but all we ever get is a promise of a live show every now and then which never comes to fruition. Disappointing!
Re: REUNION SHOW Posted by: b on: 2013-01-05 16:26:58
I think you have an odd tone about this..."people getting their heads out of their asses"?

First of all, do you know whether they've ever even played together?

Secondly, and more importantly...think about it. I love For Squirrels, but do you really think audiences are clamoring for a tour of this sort? When's the last time you even heard them on the radio? Remember that they were never huge then. "Example" sold over 300,000 copies, if I recall correctly, but there just wasn't enough material put out there for people to find over the last bunch of years and fall in love with.

I wouldn't say it's "there for the taking" if there are only a small amount of people even looking at this message board once every few months.

The best hope right now is that Travis's label will actually push his new material rather than hoping that people will pay for it blindly on Itunes. Dumb idea. I'm all about support...I purchased "Artichoke", but I don't give Itunes money. Their bitrate quality sucks.

Post the shit on Facebook!
Re: REUNION SHOW Posted by: Joe Klug on: 2012-12-07 04:45:36
Please elaborate. Where is this idea coming from?

reason I checked this site just now - I was watching cars zoom past on a busy street and got the song "Left Behind" stuck in my head.
REUNION SHOW Posted by: guest on: 2012-12-03 06:47:50
this really could happen... if people simply got their head out of their ass.

Drummer Jack
Andy Lord
Travis Tooke
and Jack Vigliaturas brother Mark (who i may add plays guitar and sounds EXACTLY like his older brother when he sings) that raspy bellow and all... its out there for the taking.. but like i said.. people would need to get their head out from under their asses..

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