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Remember and... Posted by: Dreamweaver's Kid on: 2009-09-08 22:31:23
Here I sit looking back, recalling fond memories of my cousin Jack and his good friends Bill and Tim. Three wonderful young men taken too early in our eyes, though it seemed that God was ready for them all on that fateful day. We have had time to shed tears and ask all the questions in our heads and in our hearts over and over again. The whys and the hows and the possibilities we contemplate if things would have just gone a little differently. But as time passes on we come to deal with these questions and accept things for what they are. As we ponder these thoughts may we find some peace in what we have witnessed. Three young men spared of the ugly things this world has generated in the years since they crossed over. It is time now to be grateful that they were the ones who were spared and in turn remain with us to guide us through our troubles. Rest assured that these men look over us from up above and know the love we have for them. Take solace in the fact that to have known them was a gift and to have loved them was and still remains a blessing. For these mighty young men were so strong in their beliefs and so influential in their words and actions that even those who only knew them from their music alone still reflect on our beloved 3. Their music was a small piece of something so much bigger but it still serves it's purpose today in telling us a little of their tales and embracing their joy of life. We are all better off to have known Jack, Bill, and Tim and will carry on their memories with us in our own special ways.

Take joy in today and be hopeful for what tomorrow brings. Remember: Yesterday has come and gone and is now part of our history. We know not what tomorrow holds in store for us, and so the future is a mystery. But to be here today is truly a gift, and that is why it is called the present!-Please do not take it for granted.

I Love and Miss You Jack, Bill, and Tim-Gone But Not Forgot!


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