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Gone But Not Forgot 09/08/05 Posted by: Dreamweaver's Kid on: 2006-09-08 19:12:05
Baypath Road seems so far away from where it is we stand today
So much has happened so much is lost and still so much to say

The battles over the harmonicas sound
The body of the Flagboy has been found
Rest assured you made momma proud
She sings along from in the crowd

Unlike the words of Kaberet
I can not follow you today
Fate was sealed no longer standing cold
She remains lost still in his eyes as she grows old

The rifle man may Go On Up and survive another day
But listens not nor understands what the genius man is trying to say
Wrap me up and that will be fine
Wrap me up now until the end of time

Those chilling words from Kill the Birds still bring a tear to my eye
Honor fed, the birds are dead, and we all know that we die
Behind that broken smile is more than he lets on
Heres the end he says and then the moments gone

The Beautiful Red Robin tells the tale of RO
A tale of one mans sisters and how he watched them grow
He loved them each so much in their own special way
Take it from me dont be afraid is what he would say

Talking to trees reaching stars and playing outside all day
Nathaniels Song relaxes me and takes me away
Whistle me a tune as we run down the hill
Science cant explain it and probably never will

The Unicycle is but one wheel that spins all alone
Please dont take that from me you must get your own
Dont know who Ill be if anyone at all
Worry not my Son I will not let you fall

One word never meant so much like Plymouth you are free
Though we didnt want you to go that was how He wanted it to be

Left Behind are more memories then the camera could ever span away
The busy street cars ignored you then but remember you today

3 a number so strong yet still capable of crumbling to the ground
3 men who blessed us all, 3 men Heaven Bound
They said goodbye to Baypath Road the influence was done
Rest peacefully tonight, they are no longer waiting on The One.

-DK 09/08/05

Add one more to the years before now makes 11 years gone by
11 years and after all the tears we still stop and wonder why.
Cry not my friends for it is time to celebrate their lives and pay tribute these men
The stories that they left behind open the doors to Example once again.

The day is almost done and you still just wanna hold the sun
Dreaming and waiting for my day to come, I cant wait anymore I really need this one.
Gone away for now but never to be forgot
From 8:02 P.M. to eternity we remember you and all the joy you brought.

Orangeworker tells the tale of hard work tried and true
A story of getting what you put in from a nostalgic point of view.
For those who have not been there, they may never understand
The farmer and his determination are what helped to make the band.

Its all I want its all I need and all I see
The life of a Superstar is the only life for me.

A feeling of despair like never before but dont give up so easily
Things are gonna change in our favor just wait and you will see.
Mighty K.C. tells us that we may fall but we will never be alone
By the Grace of God they walked and now they watch over from The Great Unknown.

Under Smithville and stone walls, crossing fields of snow
It gets harder just to hold your hand but I just cant seem to let go.
All this for a letter may seem hard to understand
And after all of this you still dont know just who I am.

Long Live the King is what they sing but under his breath he groans
At the end of the day there are bills to pay and you cant get blood from stones.
After all you say and do I cant believe whats got into you
The day is long and the night is quick but together we will make it through.

The cue was given and now youre gone
Under all the pain lies beauty and your memory lives on.
The Dog and Pony have revealed themselves and now you understand
You cant pick the kid whos dreaming, and that is why hes grand.

Its all yours but please dont give it up now
Its all just a game that you can win if you know how.
But what is the purpose behind Stark Pretty
Its for the know it alls that dont know at all, and that truly is a pity.

After all of your set ups and let downs theres no reason for the sun today
I dont need much at all as time is wasting away.
Milk will one day flow from fountains, one day we will be there
Everybody who thought it was a tall tale will surely start to care.
Ask for nothing and you get what you paid for, Ive got pride instead
Disenchanted we remain as Dreamweaver comes clean with the words he said

Am I meant to be alone or am I enough please
The Eskimo Sandune is where we go to hide from the breeze.
An escape from the storms and all the gloomy weather
A place where we can go and remember these men forever.

-DK 09/08/06

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