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SXSW Posted by: Hecubus on: 2008-01-09 18:54:41 (post a reply)
just wanted to throw this out there, but does anyone know if Travis will be performing at South by Southwest in Austin?

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Re: SXSW Posted by: Indigo Planet Records on: 2008-01-13 16:19:59 (post a reply)
Not performing, but we expect to have one of his songs on a compilation that will be distributed at SXSW. The next two promoted gigs will most likely be in Athens, GA and Miami over the next two months.
Re: SXSW Posted by: hecubus on: 2008-01-15 16:15:59 (post a reply)
awesome thanks. are there any plans for a full tour? and or plans to make it out to austin?

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Re: SXSW Posted by: Indigo Planet Records on: 2008-01-15 21:07:18 (post a reply)
Not at the moment. We're letting things unfold slowly, and seeing where that might take him. We do hope to have some live footage from 12/7 up on YouTube in the very near future, which I think everyone will like.
Re: SXSW Posted by: RSS76 on: 2008-01-16 06:30:13 (post a reply)
Are there still plans for the release of his 2nd album?
Re: SXSW Posted by: Indigo Planet Records on: 2008-01-16 20:48:31 (post a reply)
Absolutely. But we still have some work to do with this one! :)

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