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under smithville Posted by: scott on: 2008-01-28 14:03:36 (post a reply)
k im a major fan of forsquirrels an one of my fav songs is under smithville (first song i learned on guitar) but anyways i was wonderin about some live video performances of For squirrles or a vid for undersmithville
Re: under smithville Posted by: scott giacomelli on: 2008-02-01 09:37:04 (post a reply)
Hey, Scott,

there are a few home recordings of FS/Subrosa shows frome back in the day, and you may be able to get a live bootleg video through contacting people on this site or others. I know that 10 years ago, people were tape-trading, because Subrosa was playing like once a month at least, it seemed back in 97/98, if i can remember.

this forum does not seem to have much activity these days, but if you write Travis' new record label, I am sure they would be interested in procuring old performances and making them available on their webpage.

i also noticed two guys video recording Travis' recent show, so maybe they could make theirselves known and share the tapes, but i dont know what the copyright issues are with that. Hopefully they can give it to Travis and he can decide if he wants it available for download or something.

ps how did the chords to Kabaret play out?

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