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its been a while Posted by: scott on: 2008-04-15 21:42:07 (post a reply)
k its been a while since ive been on here but i was wonderin if anyone had any video recordings of for squirrels the would be interested in uploadin i would totally pay a reasonable price for them let me know

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Re: its been a while Posted by: scott giacomelli on: 2008-04-17 15:22:36 (post a reply)
hey, how did the kabaret chords work out for you?

As far as old recording of concerts, the best way i imagine that you could get video/digital footage is by contacting Indigo Planet Records and asking them who owns the copyright to the video recordings, if not Travis himself.

It might be that For Squirrels and their songs and performances of those songs are still legally tied up with the former record label. Be aware that this kind of bureaucratic stuff is the crap that bogs creative artists down, and they generally don't want to have anything to do with business ends, and keep their focus on creating art.

For Squirrels did give away/ sell early videos, and you can find these on YouTube, but as far as concert performances, although I saw people filming concerts when they changed over to Subrosa, nothing ever was released officially or unoffically.

As far as paying someone else to upload concert footage they themselves may or may not have filmed, I think it is pretty safe to say that paying anyone besides the actual artist, in this case Travis Tooke--is not only unethical for someone else to profit off of the sale of intellectual property they do not own, it is also probably illegal.

Bootlegs of Pearl Jam shows, both audio and video, used to be all over the place, in the early to mid 90's.

To discourage pirating and bootlegging, Pearl Jam finally started offering Audio concerts recorded by their sound engineer off the sound board for sale thru their website, and have also made a few DVD concert films.
this was still when the internet and youtube was in the growing stages.

To me, is this is the only appropriate way to enjoy music, especially small-town operations like the Gainesville music scene, is to pay the artist directly, not someone who uploads some converted file.

sorry if this sounded like a lecture, but my point is simply that for any and all things related to Travis: he makes music because he has to. That is what artists do.

One day soon he will have available for the public current releases, concert footage, and perhaps even some old-school bonus footage of a show or a song here or there, whatever he feels is appropriate, considering the history of the band.

Until then, be content with the absolutely amazing releases that are available: Baypath Rd., Example, and Never Bet the Devil Your Head, and of course, Artichoke.

We are all moved by the music, and of course we want more, but whatever and whenever material gets released, it is well worth the wait.

from one fan to another, warm regards...


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