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feelin' down Posted by: Rabies Baby on: 2011-03-15 00:00:20 (post a reply)
I always kinda forget about Subrosa. Out of sheer boredom I'll go through my old CD collection and I'll come across that sweetly familiar purple CD. I'll pop it into my computer and give it a listen. Going through each song just makes me sad. There's so much potential on that album, I feel like they could have made at least another 2 or 3 CD's.

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Re: feelin' down Posted by: Vaz on: 2011-04-13 05:16:49 (post a reply)
Absolutely. I discovered For Squirrels/Subrosa last year, and Never bet... is actually one of the best underrated albums I've heard in the last 15 years. Too bad they broke up.

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