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Sharing my memories Posted by: Torrey on: 2007-09-08 17:50:57 (post a reply)
To start, here are some pics of things I've collected over the years from the 90s Florida music scene.
I heard For Squirrels for the first time some time in 1995. Mighty KC was being played on WJRR and I thought they were really good. I didn't really follow music or anything, I was 13 and was just a casual music listener. My dad informed me of the accident as he listened to the Alt Rock stations a lot. I caught a Kurt Loder MTV newsbreak one day where they talked about Travis taking over on vocals as the "frontman" and Andy Lord being drafted for bass.

Soon after I moved from Orlando to Apopka and met the Fixl family who were passionate about For Squirrels and various other local bands. On Sept 11, 1996 I went to my first show. I was all of 13 and hadn't ever really been to a real live concert.

Gum Wrapper Curb opened the show, they were a Fixl family favorite. The next band to take the stage was bloom. They were flat out amazing. None of us had ever heard bloom before but we were taken by their stage show and rocking music. At the end, Jeff (the drummer) dove through his drums while the guitar and bass just squealed away after being struck and left on the floor. Reagan Garner came out and gave us all CDs and stickers and we had a good time having the band sign our CDs and taking pictures.

Next up was For Squirrels. Travis, Andy and Jack took the stage and ripped through some great For Squirrels tracks. When it came time for Mighty K.C., Travis pulled out the signature Light Show guitar he was having problems getting it working, he then handed the guitar down to the crowd and my friend was holding it and looking at it like "I don't know what to do with this??" and Travis gave him the signal to put it on and strum it. He looked at him confused and handed the guitar to me. I strapped it on and strummed away. At the time I was just learning the guitar and learning Mighty KC but I didn't really know how to play it. Good thing the guitar wasn't actually plugged in! We have a number of pictures from that night and of me playing the guitar... I'll try to get some of those uploaded soon.

After the song Travis left the stage at bit teary eyed while Andy and Jack kept going on some funk groove. After three or so minutes went by, Andy put down the bass and went back stage to find out what the deal was. After a few more minutes, Jack, still playing the drums finally stopped and went back stage as well. We started clapping and cheering for them to come back, unsure exactly what was going on. Eventually Travis emerged and picked up his guitar and asked us what we wanted to hear. We shouted out Under Smithville and Travis obliged, playing it by himself straining to remember the words at times and visibly shaken he put his heart and soul into that very passionate performance.

After the show we found the band out in the parking lot and took some photos and thanked them for coming out and playing. Travis was still in a bit of a foul mood but given that it was just over one year since the accident I didn't blame him.

Years later I asked Travis what happened that night and surprisingly he remembered being upset and leaving the stage but he would only say that he was upset at Andy for some reason but didn't really recall why.

We'd make it out to see For Squirrels/Subrosa a dozen or so times after that. There was the Alachua Music Harvest where Travis nearly burned down the stage and then climbed the left tower and refused to come down. There was the infamous Sebastian Boch incident at the State Theatre and many great shows at the Dish. It was an exciting time to say the least.

I look forward to Travis' new album!

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Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: Torrey on: 2007-09-08 17:51:47 (post a reply)
Hmm links are messed up. Try this
Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: Josh J on: 2007-09-08 18:49:35 (post a reply)
Ooops. I fixed the link.
Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: hecubus on: 2007-09-09 11:49:11 (post a reply)
i was at that show.....that was at the fairbanks inn, i think, in orlando (on their florida mini-tour). i think travis got pissed cause some douche was yelling at him to play for squirrels songs all show, and i think the band was trying out mostly new material that would end up on the first subrosa record. he left the stage then came back and played "under smithville", if i remember correctly. besides the drama, it was still a really good show. i really miss seeing them play.....ive been to TONS of shows and seen just about everybody, and for squirrels and subrosa rank up there with some of the best shows ive ever incredible live band.

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Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: hecubus on: 2007-09-09 11:52:37 (post a reply)
and in reference to the "douche" i dont mean you Torry....i remember someone yelling for squirrels songs the entire show, and it looked like it started getting to travis as the show went least thats how i remember it.

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Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: Torrey on: 2007-09-10 17:06:19 (post a reply)
Indeed it was the good old F.B.I. What a dive that place was (is?).

Did you make it out to the show a couple years(?) later at the Sapphire Supper Club where Travis threw a guitar out into the crowd (as a prize or something?) and three people fought for it all the way out of the club. Good times! Great live band. The Sapphire show was the first show I saw with Mike, at first we thought that he was just setting up the guitars and stuff for Travis, we had no idea they had added another member.. but what a great addition he was!
Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: hecubus on: 2007-09-10 17:25:35 (post a reply)
yeah, i was at that show too.....seriously, from about 95-99, i probably went to just about every single for squirrels/subrosa show in florida. the two shows that stand out most in my mind as being the best are 9/12/97 at the covered dish and march of 96 at the edge in ft lauderdale......they tore it up at both. at that ft. lauderdale gig, travis came out in this long leather trench coat and they opened up with "superstar" and the place went fucking nuts. they closed with "tomorrow never knows" and by that time travis had lost the coat and his shirt, where he started writing something on his forearms with a sharpie (cant remember what). then as the band continued to play he climbed the side of the stage on the speakers to the 3rd level balcony where he was gonna jump into the crowd and security was trying to get him to come down (if i remember correctly)....awesome show!! they played a bunch of early versions of subrosa songs at that gig ("worlds greatest lover" "never the best" "critics razor" "madness is genius by design" and i think "pLEH")
Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: scott giacomelli on: 2007-09-11 15:01:40 (post a reply)
Tomorrow Never Knows.

I will have to double-check and confirm with my brother, but unless it happened again, at another show, I was the one who caught the guitar that Travis threw out into the crowd.
It landed squarely in both my hands--the body, not just the neck. immediately i was swarmed, and i remember thinking: "no way am i going to let someone take this out of my hands and put it up on a wall. this guitar is coming home with me, so i can learn how to play it."
my brother Steve grabbed the neck, and we just headed for the exit, straight to the car, and drove home to Gainesville. we taped that show with a handheld recorder, as well as many others.
I took the guitar in for repair in Gainesville, and gave it to my brother. He taught himself how to play, and has played it in 4 or 5 bands in Gainesville, most notably with The Ohm, who released a few albulms.

I think it is great that all the old fans are coming out of the woodwork to share memories. We should all continue to establish a connection, and maybe head up a fan-club, proper.

As soon as it is released, as long as it is promoted correctly, I strongly feel that Travis' work will reach--and deeply touch--millions of people.

Everyone who has ever seen a show of his has been moved by his performance, his presence, his voice, his hooks and riffs and solos. the man is a genius, and is the best-kept secret of all of Florida, if not the Southeast.

I can't wait to see familiar faces at upcoming shows.
Re: Sharing my memories Posted by: hecubus on: 2007-09-11 20:22:44 (post a reply)
hey scott, travis also tossed a guitar into the crowd at a festival put on by 94 zeta in ft lauderdale on july 4th weekend (i think) in '97...just before NBTDYH came out. subrosa played the second stage, but had a pretty big crowd for the show. i remember faith no more headlined.
actually, you know what? go to the pictures section on this site, and that second to last pic on the bottom...the one with mike hovering over travis' head was taken on the same day of that radio show in ft. lauderdale i mentioned above.

and scott i think i used to trade shows with your brother...his name is steve right?

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