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just so you know Posted by: Max Mooney on: 2007-10-23 18:29:31 (post a reply)
I was gonna post the early FS demos but I am so sensitive that one asshole (see below) could ruin my mood... that now it won't happen. That's the end of the tribute tracks... hope you liked them although over 1100 people downloaded with no comments.
Take care.

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Re: just so you know Posted by: RSS76 on: 2007-10-23 19:43:51 (post a reply)
Don't be so sensitive-the guy was probably just being sarcastic. And if he wasn't, screw him.

Sharing Milk from a Fountain, allowing others to hear unreleased FS demos, etc., shouldn't be about "getting comments" and feedback. Instead, it should be about remembering and commerating what an incredible band FS was and keeping the memory of the band alive. You've accomplished this-1,100 people have heard FS songs that they wouldn't have ever been able to hear if you hadn't put this project out there.

Many people, such as myself, aren't big on providing feedback on things. For example, I'm sure that most everyone on this site is totally pumped about Travis putting out "Artichoke" in December. However, how many replies/comments do you see in reference to the post about this release? How many comments do you see on Travis's new myspace page? The answer is not many. The point is that just because people don't leave feedback doesn't mean they aren't excited, grateful, etc.

I, for one, am VERY appreciative of all the work you put into putting the Milk from A Fountain project together. I've thoroughly enjoyed listened to all the tracks.

I really hope that you'll reconsider sharing the rest of the unreleased FS stuff that you have. I think it would be a real shame for the FS community to never have a chance to hear the rest of the material that exists. But, it's in your hands....I hope you'll rethink things.

just so you know who Posted by: an onny moose on: 2007-10-23 20:29:17 (post a reply)
yeah! what he said!
Re: just so you know Posted by: Josh on: 2007-10-24 10:49:13 (post a reply)
I can't really tell if onny is being sarcastic or a jerk or sincere-but-not-well typed. Please don't let one-person-on-the-internet's opinion ruin it for those of us enjoying the music.

-Josh J

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