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I have tried to credit the sources of all of the pics I have accumulated on this site. If you would like to use any of these pictures, feel free! Just credit their original source. Thanx!

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These are all just common pictures from albums, promotionals, and whatnot.
Flagboy Live Example Baypath Road Plymouth FS Poster Might KC Video

Pat |
FS on the street FS Live FS Legacy FS Eating FS by Payphones FS Legacy |
FS Together FS moving FS in a tree

J. Teddeman Hull c'96 |
FS T.M. Tooke

Ryan Fridley |
find-a-grave find-a-grave_170 Jack and Bill's Grave's Jack V's Grave Jack's Dad in front of home Ryan Fridley at Jack's Grave Bill White's Grave

Scott Jason Cohen |
Bill with guitar Birthday Cake for Scott Birthday Postcard Flyer for a show Promotional 550 pic For Squirrels Puzzle (questions) For Squirrels Puzzle (crosswords) FS tour dates postcard Group pic Article clipping about accident and Example release Group Pic (torn)

Bury me with J.V.:
Bury Me with J.V.
In Loving Memory

There is credit to be given to these pics, after I figure out where they came from :)
FS Live Bill White Jack G Jack V Jack V Travis T

R. Capak:
These pictures were taken at ASCAP's Christmas Showcase @ CBGB's in NYC & was the first time their A&R guy (Kappy) from Sony/Epic saw them. If memory serves, Kappy was standing right behind the photographer waiting to talk to them as the group shot was taken.
FS Live FS Xmas FS Filmstrip
Subrosa Subrosa TM Tooke

Photo by Rodney Gitzel, from Drop-D Magazine
TM Tooke

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