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Tabs - Baypath Road - Go On Up

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Song: Go On Up
Album: Baypath Road
Music By: For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Jamie Warner

 here's ya a little something I tabbed out just
 about the time that we recorded the song for the
 tribute. I figured since you don't have a tab up
 for the song yet, that I'd give it a try. Enjoy :-)


(please note that all rhythms are approximate.
Listen to the recording to hear the correct rhythm.)

Tips on equipment to use to get Travis' tone used in this song:

Guitar: Hollowbody Rickenbaker (possibly the 12 string model)
Amp: Most definitely a vintage Vox AC30 tube amp cranked up
{this is especially helpful for the feed back at the end
cause you can't get those tones just anywhere :-)}
FX: Possibly a slight bit of chorus and reverb,
but nothing too fancy for this song.

The guitar I used: 50th Anniversary Fender Tele
The Amp I used: Fender HotRod Deville 4-10 on Regular Drive setting
FX I used: just amp Reverb

You can hopefully hear my settings on the version
my band (Screaming Madison) does of this song for the tribute CD (track #2).

Opening Guitar:

Play 3 times


Lead: (The Open 2nd String isn't exactly where they appear in the tab.
           They sound at random times during the lead)

Play once




  {This is played the first 3 lines of the verse}


  {This is played one the fourth line of the verse}



  {I'll Provide the chord shape listen to the recording to get the strum pattern}


  {Play The opening guitar figure 1 time before restarting the 3rd verse}


Same as the Chorus followed by the Opening guitar figure

Final Chord


Notation Guide:

[  =begining of barline
]  =end of barline
:] =repeat sign
 	 	] =Double Barline (end of piece)
x  =Muted String
h  =Hammer On
p  =Pull Off
b  =Bend
/  =Slide up
\  =Slide down
^  =Fermata (Hold note as long as you feel nessacary)


This represents my interpretation of the song...Plain and simple as that...
I'm not claiming that this is really how it was played, but it is how I play the song.
If you have any questions about this song or you need something tabbed out really quick
just give me an email ( and I'd be happy to help you out, especially
if you need a For Squirrels song tabbed.

Shameless Plug:

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