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(Version 2)
Song: Kill The Birds
Album: Baypath Road
Music by: For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Korey Herman (802),,

(listen to the song to understand how and when to play the chords -
it's a fairly simple song)

                              G               D               C
Chords: G D C           e|----3----|     |----2----|     |----0----|
                        b|----0----|     |----3----|     |----1----|
                        g|----0----|     |----2----|     |----0----|
                        d|----0----|     |----0----|     |----2----|
                        a|----2----|     |----0----|     |----3----|
                        e|----3----|     |----0----|     |----0----|

Song Progression: Beginning, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Slow Solo Part, Verse, Chorus, End

Beginning (after first G chord, strum the guitar with fingers on nothing. An open strum, basically):
G, Open Strum, D, C, G, D, G, C, D

Verse (basically four parts, represented by three chords, which repeats until the fourth time):
C G C, C G C, C G C, C D

Chorus: Same as beginning

Slow Solo Part: I'll get back to you on that later

After the 3rd chorus when Jack sings, "I will be..." chords are the same
as the chorus, but hit the 2nd G chord a couple a time. After that,
resume the chorus. Listen to the song and you'll know what I'm talking

When Jack sings, "Here's the end." You play chords C G - the same way
as you do it the first time in the Verse.

That's all there is to it, and I know I hate it when people leave
certain parts of the song out, so sorry. =)

Version 2 Top ===================================

Song: Kill the Birds
Album: Baypath Road
Music by: For Squirrels
Tabbed By: Andy Cole ( /

First off, here are the only chords that may not be familiar:

D7	F#m(2)

e--2--	e--2
b--1--	b--2
g--2--	g--2
d--0--	d--x
a--x--	a--x
E--x--	E--x--

Intro: G, Bm, C, G, C, G, A, D7

C          G          Em
Paddle him more, beat him till he sees,

C          G          A
Paddle him more, make him a man

C          G          Em
Paddle him more, that doesn't change

     A               D7
The fact that he is just a little....

[ And so forth.... ]

G        Bm    C                    G
Kill the birds, and feed them their honour

C            G         A       D7
Cause we all know that we die

[ Second verse is the same as the first ]


This is a picking piece based on three chords

    A                       E

Do that twice, and then strum the F#m(2) chord:


That progression occurs twice. Play along, you'll get it. At the end 
of the bridge, it leads
out on a D major chord stummed quicker and quicker!

The last verse is the same in structure as the others, as well as the 
final chorus (though
it goes for an extra bar). For Jack's final line ("here's the 
end..."), you simply play C and
G. Nothing to it!

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