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Song: Burning Coals
Album: One Foot in the Grove (Comp.)
Music by: For Squirrels
Tabbed by: Andrew Cole

Standard Tuning -E-A-D-G-B-E-


Do it 2 times!


Am         G               F              Em
You really hate me, really hate me, wanna bring me back, 

F       C     G
to your level ground

Am         G                F                Em
You put me down, you put me down you say I'm nothing but a

F    C      G
poor little boy<?>...

That's all of the verse you need to know.

The Chorus:

Am        G             C5        A5    Am       G          C5     A5
One, two, three, you're out of control, once you smell them burnin coals

Then it goes to the verse again, and the chorus. There is a point where
there is only guitar. THe part is Am, G, F, Em. Then, right before the
end of the song, when Jack just starts shouting. That part is:

Am  G   F   Em
Ah, ha, ha, ha.... 
Ah, ha, ha, ha....
Ah, ha, ha, ha....
Ah, ha, ha, ha....

Then there is an outro, which is just the intro.

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